Infused with the same visionary spirit of the Eternal City, the everlasting source of inspiration of Bvlgari, the Roman Jeweler unveils to the world “Aeterna”, the new High-End collection, paying tribute to the Maison’s 140th anniversary and to its ability to reinvent itself, continuously interpreting the spirit of each era.
The new collection presents an unprecedented richness that is rooted in a deep legacy and projected into the future with a contemporary and timeless aesthetic, ultimately eternal. Consisting of over 500 masterpieces, including High Jewelry and High Jewelry Watches, High-End Bags and Fragrances, Aeterna epitomizes the superlative Art of the Magnificent Roman High Jeweler for gems, time, precious skins and olfactive emotions.

Bulgari’s iconic Tubogas design, a symbol of ultimate modernity, meets the eternal grace of the romantic floral motif engraved on the striking oval-cut 31.07 carats Zambian emerald protagonist of the Tubogas Flower of Time necklace. The outstanding gem is exalted by a graphic layout of 16 buff-top rubellites and pavé-set diamonds, adding extra preciousness to this remarkable creation, spreading a message of visual marvel and tactile delight. The necklace is unveiled with matching earrings, that combine natural lines with striking colors and a sleek, modern vibe. Featuring a drop-style design, they include cabochon rubellites mixed with buff-top emeralds and diamond pavé.

A tribute to Rome’s enduring transcendence, the Mosaic of Time is one of the most intricate and technically challenging creations in the Aeterna High Jewelry collection. One hundred-fifty distinct modules are perfectly joined to create a mosaic of diverse colors and gem cuts, vibrating with splendor and elegance. Revealing a delicate scalloped silhouette, this incredible necklace, worked in a gentle pastel palette, combines pear-shaped Paraiba tourmalines, cushion-cut pink tourmalines, turquoises, buff-top emeralds, pavé-set diamonds, as well as contrasting onyx and mother-of-pearl details, in a balanced and refined celebration of creativity and craftsmanship. The necklace is unveiled with a coordinated timepiece and matching ring. The ring features an intricate design where a striking central cushion Paraiba tourmaline is surrounded by a mosaic of turquoises, onyx and 20 buff-top emeralds.

Conveying an ethereal sense of perpetual movement, the Sequence of Eternity earrings show a directional arrangement of diamonds, symbolizing a radiant future. At the center of these stunning pieces, two Mozambican oval-cut rubies, weighing 8.92 and 8.06 carats, steal the spotlight with outstanding magnificence, further exalted by three diamond drops representing the past, present, and future.

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