These exquisite chokers, crafted by the most renowned jewelry maisons, are not just accessories but masterpieces that adorn the neck with unparalleled sophistication. Each choker tells a unique story, featuring the finest gemstones and intricate designs. Discover our curated selection of the top 5 designer chokers that truly dazzle under the spotlight.

Louis Vuitton – Deep Time Bones

Louis Vuitton’s Deep Time High Jewelry collection continues its epic journey through the millennia, spanning the birth of the planet to the beginning of life. Exalting both structure and movement, Bones is Deep Time’s homage to the architecture of humanity, and highlights geology’s link to life and form. This exquisite necklace is a graphic construction centered on a LV Monogram Star cut diamond and further fringed with around 100 custom-cut diamonds.

Bulgari – Serpenti Sapphire Echo Necklace

The Serpenti Sapphire Echo Necklace by Bulgari embodies the brand’s visionary spirit, capturing the essence of metamorphosis in its versatile High Jewelry design. Crafted in white gold, the necklace features two pear-cut Sri Lankan sapphires, each weighing 37.34 carats, originally from a 1930s Bulgari piece owned by an Italian noblewoman. The sapphires are connected by round-cut diamonds and the necklace’s serpentine structure is adorned with buff-top sapphires, step-cut diamonds, and pavé-set diamonds, with emeralds illuminating the snake’s eyes. The detachable sapphire pendants can also be worn as earrings, showcasing the piece’s unique and functional design.

Jacob & Co – Waterfall Collection

The WaterFall Collection Diamond Choker by Jacob & Co is an epitome of elegance, featuring a breathtaking cascade of 129.00 carats of Princess Cut Diamonds. This dazzling masterpiece is meticulously crafted in the lustrous embrace of 18K white gold, exuding an aura of unparalleled grace and sophistication. Each diamond sparkles like a droplet of a serene waterfall, making this choker a true testament to luxurious craftsmanship and timeless beauty.

Chopard – Red Carpet Collection

From their Red Carpet Collection, this breathtaking choker in ethical 18-carat white gold and titanium is a true masterpiece. It showcases a dazzling 15.92-carat emerald-cut sapphire and a magnificent 10.06-carat emerald-cut emerald, both set amidst a stunning array of oval-shaped sapphires totaling 52.42 carats and emeralds totaling 39.74 carats. To further elevate its allure, the piece is adorned with 8.36 carats of sparkling diamond brilliants. This is a show-stopping creation by any standard, designed to captivate and enchant at every turn.

Pomellato – ‘Ode to Milano’ Urban Bloom

From the captivating ‘Ode to Milano’ Collection, Urban Bloom brings to life the enchanting gardens that flourish amidst the city’s towering skyscrapers and hidden courtyards. This exquisite choker, adorned with a mesmerizing array of pink and violet sapphires, delicately embraces the neck, transforming it into a canvas of vibrant, blooming artistry. Each sapphire sparkles with the charm of Milan’s secret gardens, making this piece a true masterpiece of elegance and imagination.

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