Tiffany Céleste, the latest expression of Tiffany’s esteemed high jewelry collection. The otherworldly Tiffany High Jewelry celebrates Jean Schlumberger’s boundless imagination and his fascination with the mysteries of the universe. As the second Blue Book collection designed by Nathalie Verdeille—Tiffany’s Chief Artistic Officer of Jewelry and High Jewelry—Tiffany Céleste adapts and rediscovers Jean Schlumberger’s iconic interpretations of the sun, moon, stars, distant galaxies and fantasy worlds.

Global House Ambassador Nancy Ajram has become one of only two music icons to wear Tiffany & Co.’s 80-carat Empire Diamond, and the first person to don the internally flawless clarity grade stone in its new Lucida® Star Necklace setting. Previously worn by Beyoncé, the Empire Diamond is Tiffany’s largest diamond acquisition since the legendary 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond in 1878. Nancy wore the extraordinary piece as part of a 220-carat high-jewelry look to celebrate the Blue Book 2024 Tiffany Céleste collection’s debut. The launch event, held at The Beverly Estate in Beverly Hills, California, highlighted the exceptional nature of Tiffany &Co.’s high jewelry.


Wings are a ubiquitous motif within Jean Schlumberger’s repertoire. Symbolizing flight and fantasy, the designer’s iconic wing silhouettes transform into a luminous story rendered in diamonds and sapphires. Inspired by Pegasus the elusive winged horse, diamond intensive creations pay homage to the figurative nature of this mythical creature evoking a divine and ethereal spirit.


The Arrow chapter is inspired by elements of the Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany Trophée de Vaillance brooch. As if soaring through the sky from the release of a bow, the arrow motif is re-envisioned in intricate patterns that feature an exceptional suite of unenhanced esteemed Colombian emeralds.


Drawing inspiration from Jean Schlumberger’s archival sketches and designs, the Constellation chapter is defined by elements reminiscent of star patterns. Captivating hues of blue, pink and star sapphires twinkle against a night sky of brilliant diamonds.

Icon Star

Inspired by an archival Jean Schlumberger sketch, this chapter explores the star silhouette as an iconic symbol of the universe, expressed in two suites that are characterized by inverted colors. One suite features a starry night of diamonds punctuated with sapphires while another evokes an evening sky comprised of blue zircons, freeform aquamarines, mother-of-pearl and diamonds.

Ray of Light

Inspired by archival Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany brooches that radiate gilded sunrays, this chapter features delicate expressions of elusive beams of light. The rays project outward from central stones. Red spinels emanate a fiery glow to luminescent designs as if beaming from the sun itself.


The Apollo chapter draws its inspiration from the iconic Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany Apollo brooch with new silhouettes based on the aesthetic of the original brooch. Bold pavé masterworks uplift exceptional yellow and white diamonds.

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